A Praise and Worship Album, Joseph and Angel with the 11th Hour Band. Upbeat high energy Praise songs followed by intimate worship songs. This album is designed to bring you into the presence of Almighty God.
Album Notes
Come into the presence of God with Praise and Worship from Joseph and Angel and the 11th Hour Band (released 2016). This album brings over 1 hour of praise and worship. The first 6 songs are upbeat praise and the last 6 are heartfelt worship ballads. These are serious praise and worship. We are not singing about wind, waves, or water. We are singing to God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. The 11th Hour band (which was also featured on our "Jesus Rocks" album") is back here with a different kind of album.

Joseph - Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, and Vocals
Angel - Lead and Backup Vocals
Stephanie - Bass and backup vocals
Andrew - Drums
Daria - Keyboards, Flute, and backup vocals.

This album is designed to be used as your own praise and worship service. Start at the beginning and praise and worship with us! Obviously you can listen to the songs individually and you won't be disappointed, but you'll get the most out of this as an album.

"To My Lord and My King" is a pretty typical upbeat praise song with Angel leading.
"Over all the Earth" is a bit more rock, somewhat late 60's style with Joseph leading.
Angel is back with "I'm Gonna Dance" and this one can get you dancing.
"Jesus Savior" Upbeat modern praise from Joseph.
"It's Time to Praise the Lord" is like a late 50's style upbeat rock and roller with Angel leading praise to the Lord.
" All Might Might" slows things down just a bit as we start to transition with Joseph leading.
The next six song are all intimate worship ballads with Joseph leading you to bask in the presence of the Lord as you worship Him.
To My Lord and My King

Over All the Earth

I’m Gonna Dance

Jesus Savior

It’s Time to Praise the Lord

All My Might

Where Your Glory Overwhelms
Lord of Glory


To Honor You

You Are I Am
You Are Worthy