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Did you ever wonder about Christians that seem to be blessed in everything they do and talk about God like they really know Him?

This book will show you how you can become one of them. It defines the kingdom of God “on earth as it is in heaven,” interweaving scripture and personal testimonies of who God is and provides specific guidance on how you can know Him too. It relates the Old Testament journey of Israel to the journey of a Christian from the world (Egypt) to the Kingdom of God (Promised Land).

“Joseph Smetana calls us to enter the Promised Land of Kingdom possibilities in his wonderful new book. Experience your Kingdom privileges in Christ through the insights he unfolds in these pages.”
— Dr David Shibley, President, Global Advance, and Distinguished Author of numerous books.

“Joe Smetana is anointed by God in writing this book. Not only will you appreciate his love for God and his love of worship to God, but you will learn principles and exciting concepts from God’s Word. Joe’s insightful writings will stir the listener’s heart and engage others to think about thoughts from a fresh perspective. Enjoy this anointed work from heaven!”
— Rex Walker, Lead Pastor, Life Spring Church, Rockwall, TX, Author of “21 Days to Breakthrough”

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