In the Beginning

Original Contemporary Christian Music. Rich in the Word of God. From ballads to solid Rock, with a bit of Texas thrown in. One “flash to the past” late 50’s style song. 

Album Notes

This new (2016) album is an album that has been requested by our fans. It is most similar in style to two of our earlier albums; “Our Message is Jesus” and “Paint a Picture” and our fans have requested more. Angel shines with her strong vocals on about half the songs, where Joseph is the lead vocal on the other half. And yes, we do sing together with dual leads on Lay It Down.

Stand Fast is “signature” Angel with a bit of Pop-Rock “Angel style” encouraging us not to get caught up in rules and religion, but to stand in the freedom of Christ. The title song “In the Beginning” is a fun song based on Genesis chapter 1. In “Moth and Rust”, Angel challenges us to lay up treasures in heaven. “Follow” is an acoustic guitar ballad by Joseph. “Keep Your Focus” features Angel and a bit of Texas “pop country” (our style of course). Yes, we are from Texas, and it shows up once in a while. “In Your Comfort Zone” is hard to pin a style on as it is rather unique with Angel challenging us again from the Word of God.

Joseph takes us back to the late 50’s in style with “The Real Rock” featuring the full 11th Hour band on this track. “Lay It Down” brings both Joseph and Angel together as co-lead vocalists on one song. “I Am, Not I Was” has Joseph challenging us to remember God is a God of today, not just yesterday in a rather unique contemporary Pop style. Angel sings “Reality” from the heart, encouraging us to not to accept the substitutes of this world for the Reality of Christ in us. “The Gospel is Good News” is just a reminder of good news of salvation with Joseph bringing the message. Finally, we finish this out with Angel singing “We’ll See the Power” with a style very similar to the first track. All of this with our usual no compromise on the Word of God style. You don’t want to miss this one!

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