Call His Name

Original, Personal, Heartfelt Christian Ballads on Piano/Electric Piano that will touch your soul

Album Notes

“Call His Name” released in 2007, is a unique album for Joseph and Angel. In fact, you won’t find Angel. This album was her idea, and it is markedly different from our first two or any of the others since. Angel asked me to do an album specifically of piano/electric piano and vocals of songs that have really touched her heart over the years. These songs have a personal message and impact that will touch your heart as well.

If you are familiar with some our other album’s there are songs on each of those that will begin to give you a flavor for this CD. The song “Your Blood Was Enough” from our first album “Our Message is Jesus” and the song “Paint a Picture”, the title song from our second album are reflective of what you’ll find here.

These songs will inspire you and encourage you in your walk as a Christian. There is something here for everyone to relate to, and you will be drawn to call HIS name yourself!

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