Happy Endings

Upbeat Pop-Country Christian Music “Texas Style”

Album Notes

As is not uncommon for Joseph and Angel, our new album (2024) ventures into new territory! These songs are what we call “Texas Style” – after all we are from Texas! They are not really country and not really pop music. Rather they are an up-tempo pop-country style. For our fans, we’ve had a few of these songs mixed in on some of our other albums; “Sold Out for Jesus” (Our Message is Jesus), “Light in the Darkness” (Paint a Picture), “Not About” (Wise Men), “Keep Your Focus” (In the Beginning) and “Real Christian” (Real Christian). However, this time, we have an entire album with nothing but this style. We like to have fun with these songs and bring a message also. For example, though you wouldn’t know it from the name, “Machine Gun Sally” is a song about spiritual warfare. “Make you a Sandwich” also seems like a strange name for a Christian song – but it has a message of salvation in it. We have fun with these, but the message we have never changes. Our message is still Jesus like it was on our first album way back in 1998. And we still don’t compromise on the Gospel! Listen and enjoy!

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