Real Christian

A pop/rock contemporary Christian Music album. Lyrics to challenge you to live as a REAL Christian! 

Album Notes

Joseph and Angel, back after our recent release “In the Beginning”, with more cutting-edge music and lyrics to challenge you to live as a Real Christian. This album has a mix of styles, typical of our music and is a bit hard to categorize. The first track “What Could Be Better than That?” might best be described as “reggae CCM” – but it really isn’t reggae either. Hard to categorize, but well received by audiences. The title song “Real Christian” features Angel in “Texas style” music that has been really popular with many of our fans. “Power in His Name” is more rock oriented.

Next, we get into a ballad “In My Father’s Eyes”, sung by Angel, that will move you. The song “Know His Heart” is one of the few duets that Joseph and Angel do together. Our fans really like this! “Just a Little Boy” is one of those heartfelt ballads on piano that Joseph is known for. “Not Halfway” has Angel challenging us to live ALL for the Lord and not halfhearted. “Can’t Stand in His Presence” is a combination praise/message song sung by Joseph in a rather unique style of music.

“I Really Do Believe” is rock and rap – but not like most of today’s rap – with a strong message to live true to the word and not be a hypocrite. “Faithful Friend” is a ballad by Angel that you can relate to. “If My People” has Joseph bringing a timely message based on 2 Chronicles 7:14. Finally, Angel finishes out the song with “To Know Jesus”, which should really be the goal of every Christian, in a heartfelt ballad. If you are familiar with the music of Joseph and Angel, you will find a style and a no-holds-barred message of the Gospel that is typical of their music. If the music of Joseph and Angel is new to you, you won’t be disappointed with this album.

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