Joseph Ministries Music

New: “Happy Endings” Released May 24, 2024!

For Spotify – you can find our music easily using the playlist “Joseph Ministries” on Spotify (by Starlord 427). This playlist has all our albums in it. On Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, etc. our albums can be found under the artist name “Joseph Angel” (there are other artists with the same name – but we are the Christian Music ones). One exception – the album “Call His Name” is under the artist name “Joseph”.

Joseph and Angel are songwriters and singers of Contemporary Christian Music for over 30 years now. Our album overviews are below with details on the separate album pages. The purpose of our music is to glorify God and lift up His name. Our music has a lot of variety. There is something for just about everyone’s taste. Much of our music is “preaching messages set to music”; Psalms if you will. The music is full of the Word of God and is both a praise to Him and a message to the listener. If you put the messages in these songs into practice, it will change your life for the better.

Our albums are on the independent label “Angel Records”. This gives us complete control over the music and the message within. You will not find compromised lyrics or veiled references to Christ. From the album pages, you can access the song lyrics, and listen to or download MP3 files from our songs.

Our music is available on iTunes and similar MP3 sites i(links for iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon are on each individual album page. As we add videos to our U-tube channel, links are also added on the album pages).

Each album has its own page – linked below (or in the pull-down menu above). These have Lyrics, MP3 song samples, details about the albums, U-tube links (as we add them).

Happy Endings May 24, 2024)

Upbeat Pop-Country Christian Music “Texas Style”

Single: Forever In Your Arms (2023)

 A ballad by Angel!

 All of Our Praise (2021)

A Praise and Worship Album!

Signs All Around Me (2018)

A Contemporary Christian Music album with a theme of the end times!

Real Christian (2017)

A Contemporary Christian album to challenge you to be a REAL Christian!

In the Beginning (2016)

A Pop/Rock Contemporary Christian Music Album

It’s Time to Praise the Lord (2016)

A Praise and Worship Album, Joseph and Angel with the 11th Hour Band.

Jesus Rocks (2014)

Classic Christian Rock album from Joseph, Angel, and the 11th hour band

Wise Men (November 2007)

Wise Men is a totally unique Christmas album that features only original music from Joseph and Angel. The songs focus on the true meaning and purpose of Christmas.

Call His Name (2005)

Original, Personal, Heartfelt Christian Ballads on Piano/Electric Piano that will touch your soul

Paint a Picture (2001)

Pop-rock contemporary Christian music ranging from ballads to solid rock with a strong scriptural message.

Our Message Is Jesus (1998)

Contemporary Christian Pop-Rock music that will inspire and encourage.