Wise Men

Wise Men is a totally unique Christmas album that features only original music from Joseph and Angel. The songs focus on the true meaning and purpose of Christmas.  

Album Notes

“Wise Men”, (released 2007) from Joseph and Angel is the culmination of a ten plus year dream and about three years of serious work to make it a reality. Joseph has had a long-time desire to release an all new, all original Christmas album that not only is modern in its content but is specifically focused on the true meaning of Christmas. In the hustle of the modern American Christmas, we tend to forget the reason for the season. On this album, every song will inspire and encourage you to remember the real reason for Christmas. Not sure you REALLY know what that is? The answer can be found in these songs.

Style wise, if you like contemporary rock, it’s here. If you like contemporary pop, it’s here too. Ballads more your style? You’ll find that on this album also. There’s even a bit of rap on this album, probably different from any rap you’ve heard before though. Finally, we are from Texas, and we have one song with a bit of that pop-country Texas style flare. As for Christmas, listen close and you’ll even find the sound of sleigh bells on this album. Bottom line, you’ll know it’s Christmas and you’ll hear about it in new and different songs and styles than what has been typical in Christmas music. There are no remakes of old Christmas songs here. It’s all original.

Joseph and Angel are a husband-and-wife team, and this is the first of our albums to include our children (that eventually became our family band) into our music. We share our music as two solo artists with one heart and one vision. Angel, who was brought to Jesus at a Christian music concert years back, really has a heart to reach the lost and build the church through music and the word. Joseph, who has had music as a major part of his life since age 6, gives his entire heart and passion into the music and message with the goal of really making disciples for Christ.

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